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Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter: Experiment summary after the first year of global mapping of Mars
The Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA), an instrument on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, has measured the topography, surface roughness, and 1.064-μm reflectivity of Mars and the heights ofExpand
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Thermal and crustal evolution of Mars
[1] We present a coupled thermal-magmatic model for the evolution of Mars' mantle and crust that may be consistent with estimates of the average crustal thickness and crustal growth rate. By couplingExpand
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Mars' volatile and climate history
There is substantial evidence that the martian volatile inventory and climate have changed markedly throughout the planet's history. Clues come from areas as disparate as the history and propertiesExpand
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Ancient Geodynamics and Global-Scale Hydrology on Mars
Loading of the lithosphere of Mars by the Tharsis rise explains much of the global shape and long-wavelength gravity field of the planet, including a ring of negative gravity anomalies and aExpand
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Internal structure and early thermal evolution of Mars from Mars Global Surveyor topography and gravity.
Topography and gravity measured by the Mars Global Surveyor have enabled determination of the global crust and upper mantle structure of Mars. The planet displays two distinct crustal zones that doExpand
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The global topography of Mars and implications for surface evolution.
Elevations measured by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter have yielded a high-accuracy global map of the topography of Mars. Dominant features include the low northern hemisphere, the Tharsis province,Expand
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The Crust of the Moon as Seen by GRAIL
The Holy GRAIL? The gravity field of a planet provides a view of its interior and thermal history by revealing areas of different density. GRAIL, a pair of satellites that act as a highly sensitiveExpand
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Recent gullies on Mars and the source of liquid water
Geologic features resembling terrestrial water-carved gullies imply that liquid water has flowed recently on the surface of Mars and challenge our views of the present-day low-temperatureExpand
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Impact craters and Venus resurfacing history
Venusian impact crater size-frequency distributions, locations, and preservation states were analyzed to reconstruct the history of resurfacing by tectonism and volcanism. An atmospheric transitExpand
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Localized gravity/topography admittance and correlation spectra on Mars: Implications for regional and global evolution
From gravity and topography data collected by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft we calculate gravity/topography admittances and correlations in the spectral domain and compare them to thoseExpand
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