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Distribution and diversity of ostracode assemblages from the Hamlin Shale and the Americus Limestone (Permian, Wolfcampian) in northeastern Kansas
Patterns of distribution and diversity of assemblages of Ostracoda in the uppermost Hamlin Shale (Admire Group, Wolfcampian, Permian) and the Americus Limestone (Council Grove Group, Wolfcampian,Expand
Ostracodes of the superfamilies Quasillitacea and Kloedenellacea from the Middle Devonian strata of Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Ontario
Material was obtained from sections of the Hamilton Group in the northern Southern Peninsula of Michigan; near Silica, Lucas County, Ohio; near Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio; the western half of NewExpand
Lineament Analysis for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in Wyoming: ABSTRACT
Lineament analysis from satellite and aerial photos is being used successfully in exploration for anticlinal oil and gas traps and to select drilling locations for maximum porosity in tightExpand
Devonian shales of central Appalachian basin: geological controls on gas production
Gas reserves of the Devonian shales of the Appalachian basin constitute a large, underdeveloped resource producing from fractured reservoirs. As part of ongoing Gas Research Institute research, K andExpand
Chapter 13. Curvilinears: Curvilinear Features Visible on Small Scale Imagery as Indicators of Geologic Structures
Abstract Points made in this paper are: (1) curvilinears are probably as abundant as straight lines on most parts of the earth’s surface; (2) the aggregate of curvilinears and straight lines shouldExpand
Well report. Columbia Natural Resources, Inc. Pocahontas Development Corporation No. 21680. GRI (Gas Research Institute) Comprehensive Study Well No. 1, Martin County, Kentucky. Topical report,
This report explains the geology and gas-producing mechanisms of the C.N.R. PDC No. 21680 well (CSW No. 1) based on the regional geology, analysis of nearby well data and production characteristicsExpand
Middle Devonian Hollinid Ostracods from the Falls of the Ohio
Although hollinid ostracods from the Middle Devonian Jeffersonville limestone at the Falls of the Ohio have been known for many years, a detailed study reveals a new genus, Flaccivelum, and fifteenExpand