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Roadblock to Reform: The Persistence of Agricultural Export Subsidies
Quantitative analysis using the UNCTAD/FAO ATPSM model suggests that the removal of export subsidies would raise world prices. The major beneficiaries would be EU taxpayers and developing countryExpand
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User Manual and Handbook on Agricultural Trade Policy Simulation Model (ATPSM)
The Agricultural Trade Policy Simulation Model (ATPSM) is designed of detailed analysis of agricultural trade policy issues. It can be used as a tool by researchers and negotiators alike forExpand
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Do Sensitive Products Undermine Ambition
The long-running WTO negotiations remain unresolved. Agriculture is the main stumbling block. Members have agreed to linear tariff reductions within bands, but proposed exemptions for sensitiveExpand
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Qualitätsmessung in der Wikipedia Ein Ansatz auf Basis von Markov-Modellen
Charakteristisch fur Web2.0-Anwendungen ist die kooperative Inhaltserstellung durch die Internetnutzer selbst. Nach dem Zerplatzen der „Dotcom-Blase“ im Jahr 2001 gewannen solche Anwendungen im WWWExpand
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Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in the System NH3 + H2O + LiBr. 1. Measurements at T = 303-423 K and p = 0.1-1.5 MPa
Mixtures of ammonia, water, and lithium bromide provide a working fluid for absorption heat pumps and heat transformers as they are used today, for example, for air-conditioning purposes. A staticExpand
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Business Objects, Workflow und die UML
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Fuel Processing of Diesel and Kerosene for Auxiliary Power Unit Applications
Apart from necessary balance-of-plant components, such as pumps, blowers, sensors, and heat exchangers, the fuel processing unit of a high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell (HT-PEFC) systemExpand
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Welche Erfahrungen gibt es mit Process-Mining
Wie bereits beschrieben, ist Process-Mining eine junge Disziplin der Wirtschaftsinformatik.
Nothing to Declare: Duty-free access to imports from LDCs
Developed countries have agreed to provide duty free and quota free access to imports from LDCs covered by 97 per cent of tariff lines. However, LDCs would like to extend the agreement to 100 perExpand