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Academic Emotions in Students' Self-Regulated Learning and Achievement: A Program of Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Academic emotions have largely been neglected by educational psychology, with the exception of test anxiety. In 5 qualitative studies, it was found that students experience a rich diversity ofExpand
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Measuring emotions in students learning and performance: The Achievement Emotions Questionnaire (AE
Abstract Aside from test anxiety scales, measurement instruments assessing students’ achievement emotions are largely lacking. This article reports on the construction, reliability, internalExpand
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An attributional analysis of reactions to stigmas.
In two experiments, we examined the perceived controllability and stability of the causes of 10 stigmas. Guided by attribution theory, we also ascertained the affective reactions of pity and anger,Expand
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The Control-Value Theory of Achievement Emotions: An Integrative Approach to Emotions in Education
Publisher Summary This chapter presents an overview of the assumptions and corollaries of the control-value theory of achievement emotions, as well as some of its implications for educationalExpand
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Boredom in achievement settings: Exploring control–value antecedents and performance outcomes of a neglected emotion.
The linkages of achievement-related boredom with students' appraisals and performance outcomes were examined in a series of 5 exploratory, cross-sectional, and predictive investigations. Studies 1Expand
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Individual Differences in Achievement Goals: A Longitudinal Study of Cognitive, Emotional, and Achievement Outcomes.
Within achievement goal theory debate remains regarding the adaptiveness of certain combinations of goals. Assuming a multiple-goals perspective, we used cluster analysis to classify 1002Expand
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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Evidence-Based Perspective
Philip C. Abrami et al: The Dimensionality of Student Ratings of Instruction: What We Know and What We Do Not,- Commentary: Philip C. Abrami et al: The Dimensionality of Student Ratings ofExpand
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Academic Control and Action Control in the Achievement of College Students: A Longitudinal Field Study.
A contradiction to the typical pattern of academic success occurs when bright, enthusiastic high school students fail after entering university. Two measures, perceived academic control and actionExpand
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Control-Value Theory of Achievement Emotions
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Beyond test anxiety: Development and validation of the test emotions questionnaire (TEQ)
Measures of test emotions other than test anxiety are lacking. In a series of six studies, we developed a multi-scale questionnaire assessing test-related joy, hope, pride, relief, anger, anxiety,Expand
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