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Efeito de vespas não-polinizadoras sobre o mutualismo Ficus - vespas de figos
Mutualism is the name given to interspecific interactions which result in benefit for all partners involved. However, such cooperation is open to opportunistic strategies: individuals that extractExpand
Lianas de uma floresta estacional semidecidual, Município de Paulo de Faria, Norte do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil
Lianas are soil-germinating plants, perennially rooted that need support to reach the canopy. In tropical forest they are an important form of life due to their diversity, they are part of the forestExpand
Fauna de Hymenoptera em Ficus spp. (Moraceae) na Amazônia Central, Brasil
The interaction between Ficus (Moraceae) and fig wasps is considered one of the most extreme examples of plant-insect mutualism. In the present study, we reported the fig wasp fauna associated withExpand