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Spinors And Space-Time
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A Generalized inverse for matrices
This paper describes a generalization of the inverse of a non-singular matrix, as the unique solution of a certain set of equations. This generalized inverse exists for any (possibly rectangular)Expand
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An Approach to Gravitational Radiation by a Method of Spin Coefficients
A new approach to general relativity by means of a tetrad or spinor formalism is presented. The essential feature of this approach is the consistent use of certain complex linear combinations ofExpand
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The Emperor's New Mind
A method and apparatus for superimposing printed characters of any such nature as may be transmitted upon a received television image, at the will of the viewer at the receiver. Expand
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The road to reality.
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Shadows of the Mind
This book attempts to take a firm grip on a corner of the slippery issue of consciousness. It is directly related to Roger Penrose's earlier, hugely successful work, The Emperor's New Mind. AlthoughExpand
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Gravitational collapse and spacetime singularities
accompanied by a violent release of energy, possible in the form of gravitational radiation. The detailed mathematical discussion of such situations is difficult since the full complexity of generalExpand
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Zero rest-mass fields including gravitation: asymptotic behaviour
  • R. Penrose
  • Physics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 23 February 1965
A zero rest-mass field of arbitrary spin s determines, at each event in space-time, a set of 2s principal null directions which are related to the radiative behaviour of the field. These directionsExpand
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On Gravity's role in Quantum State Reduction
The stability of a quantum superposition of two different stationary mass distributions is examined, where the perturbing effect of each distribution on the space-time structure is taken intoExpand
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Singularities and time-asymmetry.
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