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Integration of migrants. Economic, social, cultural and political dimensions
This paper discusses the integration processes of immigrants and minorities with a recent immigrant background, and the policies related to the process of settlement of these newcomers in European
The Concept of Integration as an Analytical Tool and as a Policy Concept
This chapter expands on recent approaches to the concept of integration. It defines integration in an open non-normative fashion as “the process of becoming an accepted part of society”. For the
The Multilevel Governance of Migration and Integration
This chapter focuses on migration and integration as multilevel policy issues and explores the consequences in terms of multilevel governance. Immigration policymaking has been characterized by
The dynamics of international migration and settlement in Europe. A state of the Art
Table of Contents - 6[-]1. Introduction - 8[-]2. International Migration and Its Regulation - 20[-]3. Migration and Development: Causes and Consequences - 42[-]4. Migrants' Citizenship: Legal Status,
Newcomers: Immigrants and Their Descendants in the Netherlands 1550-1995
This book is an attempt to reconstruct the complete picture of the arrival of foreigners in the Netherlands from the six-teenth century onwards and to describe how they acquired a place in Dutch
Trade unions, immigration and immigrants in Europe revisited: Unions’ attitudes and actions under new conditions
This paper revisits the comparative approach used by Penninx and Roosblad (Trade Unions, Immigration and Immigrants in Europe, 1960-1993. New York: Berghahn Books) to study trade unions’ attitudes