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Practical magnetron sputtering system for the deposition of optical multilayer coatings.
A magnetron sputtering system is described in which, at any one time, as many as four different 15-cm x 46-cm rectangular planar magnetron targets can be mounted vertically in the deposition chamber.Expand
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High resolution pore size analysis in metallic powders by X-ray tomography
Abstract The deployment of additive manufacturing processes relies on part quality, specifically the absence of internal defects. Some of those defects have been associated with porosities in theExpand
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Display means for superimposing optical information in the field of view of an observer
Display means for superimposing optical information in the field of view of an observer which is worn on the head, comprising an image source, having an image transmission device and with an eyeExpand
A geometric comparison of video camera-captured raster data to vector-parented raster data generated by the X-Y digitizing table
The relative accuracy of a georeferenced raster data set captured by the Megavision 1024XM system using the Videk Megaplus CCD cameras is compared to a data set generated from vector lines manually digitized on a Summagraphics X-Y digitizer table. Expand
Comparison between high resolution spectrographs
The precision of measurements on a photographic plate depends on the image area. But the dimensions of the images given by a grating spectrograph, a Fabry-Perot spectrograph and the SIMAC are veryExpand
Recent progress in the interferential multichannel spectrograph: «SIMAC»
- Introduction. The SIMAC [1], [2] is constituted by the association of a Fabry-Perot Interferometer and a large aperture spectrograph [F/2]. This allows it to achieve a very high resolution (8.105Expand