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The Measurement of Species Diversity
Inspired significantly by the provocative papers of MacArthur (34, 35, 38) and Hutchinson (22), ecologists over the past twenty years have devoted considerable energy to the explanation of patternsExpand
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A Flexible, Multipurpose Method for Recording Vegetation Composition and Structure
We present a flexible protocol for recording vegetation composition and structure that is appropriate for diverse applications, is scale transgressive, yields data compatible with those from commonlyExpand
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Forest vegetation of the Colorado Front Range
  • R. Peet
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  • 1 April 1981
The forest vegetation of the northern Colorado Front Range was studied using a combination of gradient analysis and classification methods. A graphical model of forest composition based on elevationExpand
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Factors Influencing Succession: Lessons from Large, Infrequent Natural Disturbances
ABSTRACT Disturbance events vary in intensity, size, and frequency, but few opportunities exist to study those that are extreme on more than one of these gradients. This article characterizesExpand
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The taxonomic name resolution service: an online tool for automated standardization of plant names
We show how the TNRS, or Taxonomic Name Resolution Service, is an online application for automated and user-supervised standardization of plant scientific names. Expand
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Forests of the Rocky Mountains
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Plant species richness: the world records
Questions The co-existence of high numbers of species has always fascinated ecologists, but what and where are the communities with the world records for plant species richness? The species–areaExpand
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We propose that the relationship between diversity and community invasibility depends on the degree to which community composition is driven by immigration processes. When immigration is enhanced byExpand
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How global biodiversity hotspots may go unrecognized: Lessons from the North American Coastal Plain
Biodiversity hotspots are conservation priorities. We identify the North American Coastal Plain (NACP) as a global hotspot based on the classic definition, a region with > 1500 endemic plant speciesExpand
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Composition and species diversity of pine-wiregrass savannas of the Green Swamp, North Carolina
Fire-maintained, species-rich pine-wiregrass savannas in the Green Swamp, North Carolina were sampled over their natural range of environmental conditions and fire frequencies. Species composition,Expand
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