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China's Long March toward Rule of Law
Preface List of abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. The evolution of rule of law in China: the role of law in historical context 3. Post-Mao reforms: competing conceptions of rule of law 4. Rule of lawExpand
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Assessing Human Rights in China: Why the Double Standard?
China is often singled out as one of worst human rights violators in the world today. On the other hand, the Chinese government regularly issues reports chock-full of statistics showing considerableExpand
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Varieties of Rule of Law: An Introduction and Provisional Conclusion
Rule of law is one of the pillars of modernity, and widely considered necessary for sustained economic development, the implementation of democracy and the protection of human rights. Spurred on byExpand
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Judicial Independence in China: Lessons for Global Rule of Law Promotion
1. Introduction Randall Peerenboom 2. Half-way home and a long way to go: China's rule of law evolution and the global road to judicial independence, impartiality and integrity Keith Henderson 3. AExpand
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The X-Files: Past and Present Portrayals of China's Alien 'Legal System'
In the last twenty years, China has embarked on unprecedented legal reforms. China's entrance into the WTO, its emergence as a major economic and political power, and its ongoing human rights abusesExpand
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Globalization, Path Dependency and the Limits of Law: Administrative Law Reform and Rule of Law in the People's Republic of China
The People's Republic of China ("PRC") has spent the last twenty years rebuilding its legal system and creating a modem administrative law regime as part of its efforts to adapt to the needs of aExpand
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Rule of Law Dynamics: In An Era Of International And Transnational Governance
The international and transnational nature of modern governance presents major challenges for the rule of law promotion agenda, at a time when the less than stellar results of traditionalExpand
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Ruling the Country in Accordance with Law
This article examines rule of law in China. Part 1 distinguishes between (i) substantive or thick theories of rule of law that incorporate elements of political morality, such as particular economicExpand
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