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Autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in cancer survivors and the risk of reintroducing malignancy: a systematic review.
BACKGROUND The risk of recurrent oncological disease due to the reintroduction of cancer cells via autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue is unknown. METHODS A systematic review ofExpand
Efficacy of ovarian tissue cryopreservation in a major European center
PurposeTo evaluate the effect of cryopreservation and thawing of ovarian tissue from oncological patients opting for fertility preservation on ovarian tissue viability.MethodsIn this prospectiveExpand
Clinically applied procedures for human ovarian tissue cryopreservation result in different levels of efficacy and efficiency
PurposeDifferent protocols are being used worldwide for the cryopreservation of human ovarian tissue for fertility preservation purposes. The efficiency and efficacy of the majority of theseExpand
Complete protection against cryodamage of cryopreserved whole bovine and human ovaries using DMSO as a cryoprotectant
PurposeThis study aims to determine the optimal cryopreservation protocol for whole ovaries intended for preservation of fertility in women.MethodsWe investigated the optimal cryopreservationExpand
Enhancing the safety of ovarian cortex autotransplantation: cancer cells are purged completely from human ovarian tissue fragments by pharmacological inhibition of YAP/TAZ oncoproteins
STUDY QUESTION Is it possible to eliminate metastasized cancer cells from ovarian cortex fragments prior to autotransplantation without compromising the ovarian tissue or follicles? SUMMARY ANSWERExpand
To Freeze or Not to Freeze? An Update on Fertility Preservation In Females with Turner Syndrome.
Introduction Infertility is a major concern for females with Turner syndrome (TS), regardless of their age. While fertility preservation is now routinely offered to girls and young women with cancer,Expand
Noninvasive Detection of Metastases and Follicle Density in Ovarian Tissue Using Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography
Purpose: Autotransplantation of ovarian tissue can be used to restore fertility in patients with cancer following gonadotoxic treatment. Whether this procedure is safe remains unclear, as currentExpand
A preliminary study on a new model system to evaluate tumour-detection and tumour-purging protocols in ovarian cortex tissue intended for fertility preservation.
STUDY QUESTION Is it possible to create a model system that mimics ovarian metastatic disease in order to devise new strategies to detect cancer cells and prevent cancer cell transmission via ovarianExpand
Glucose/lactate metabolism of cryopreserved intact bovine ovaries as a novel quantitative marker to assess tissue cryodamage.
For some patients, the autotransplantation of a cryopreserved-thawed intact ovary might be the best option to preserve their reproductive potential after fertility-threatening treatment. The bestExpand
Ovarian follicles of young patients with Turner’s syndrome contain normal oocytes but monosomic 45,X granulosa cells
Abstract STUDY QUESTION What is the X chromosomal content of oocytes and granulosa cells of primordial/primary (small) follicles and stromal cells in ovaries of young patients with Turner’s syndromeExpand