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Tidal inlet response to sediment infilling of the associated bay and possible implications of human activities: the Marennes-Oléron Bay and the Maumusson Inlet, France
Abstract Tidal inlet characteristics are controlled by wave energy, tidal range, tidal prism, sediment supply and direction and rates of sand delivered to the inlet. This paper deals with theExpand
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Field observations of an evolving rip current on a meso-macrotidal well-developed inner bar and rip morphology
Abstract The Aquitanian Coast (France) is a high-energy meso-macrotidal environment exhibiting a highly variable double sandbar system. The inner and the outer bar generally exhibit a bar and ripExpand
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Modeling rip current circulations and vorticity in a high‐energy mesotidal‐macrotidal environment
[1] In June 2007 an intense 5 day field experiment was carried out at the mesotidal-macrotidal wave-dominated Biscarrosse Beach on a well-developed bar and rip morphology. Previous analysis of theExpand
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Application of grain size trend analysis for the determination of sediment transport pathways in intertidal areas
Abstract In this paper, we apply the Gao and Collins procedure of grain size trend analysis for the first time in an intertidal sedimentary system. Our purpose is to evaluate a reliable method toExpand
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Observation of irregular wave transformation in the surf zone over a gently sloping sandy beach on t
Abstract The dissipation of the sea-swell frequency band energy (nominally 0.09  f  ≤ 0.3 Hz) and the distribution of low frequency band energy (nominally 0.005 ≤  f  ≤ 0.09 Hz) on a transectExpand
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Evaluating uncertainties of future marine flooding occurrence as sea-level rises
A global sensitivity analysis is used to provide quantitative insight into the relative importance of contributing uncertainties over the coming decades. Expand
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Present Wave Climate in the Bay of Biscay: Spatiotemporal Variability and Trends from 1958 to 2001
AbstractClimate change impacts on wave conditions can increase the risk of offshore and coastal hazards. The present paper investigates wave climate multidecadal trends and interannual variability inExpand
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Is there a best source model of the Sumatra 2004 earthquake for simulating the consecutive tsunami
SUMMARY Many studies have attempted to invert the fault source of the Sumatra 2004 event. Whereas they mostly consider the same fault geometry, they lead to a wide range of potential slipExpand
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Momentum and heat fluxes via the eddy correlation method on the R/V L'Atalante and an ASIS buoy
[1] In this paper, we present the results obtained with the eddy correlation method applied to data acquired during the Flux, Etat de mer et Teledetection en Condition de Fetch variable experimentExpand
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Storm-induced marine flooding: Lessons from a multidisciplinary approach
There is a growing interest for marine flooding related to recent catastrophic events and their unintended consequences in terms of casualties and damages, and to the increasing population and issuesExpand
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