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Comparisons between true digestibility of total nitrogen and limiting amino acids in vegetable proteins fed to rats.
Values (%) for true digestibility (TD) of protein and individual amino acids in some vegetable proteins were determined by the rat balance (fecal) method. Diets containing 8% crude protein (N X 6.25)Expand
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The influence of dietary vitamin E, fat, and methionine on blood cholesterol profile, homocysteine levels, and oxidizability of low density lipoprotein in the gerbil.
A 90-day feeding study with gerbils was conducted to evaluate the influence of dietary vitamin E levels (25 mg/kg diet, 75 mg/kg, 300 mg/kg, and 900 mg/kg), two levels of dietary methionione (caseinExpand
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Differences in protein digestibility and quality of liquid concentrate and powder forms of milk-based infant formulas fed to rats.
Protein and amino acid digestibility and protein quality of liquid concentrate and/or powder forms of infant formulas were studied by rat balance and growth methods. Casein plus methionine (control)Expand
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Relationship between amino acid scores and protein quality indices based on rat growth
Protein efficiency ratio (PER), relative PER (RPER), net protein ratio (NPR) and relative NPR (RNPR) values, and amino acid scores were calculated for 20 food products (casein, casein + Met, beefExpand
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Chromatographic determination of amino acids in foods.
Amino acids in foods exist in a free form or bound in peptides, proteins, or nonpeptide bonded polymers. Naturally occurring L-amino acids are required for protein synthesis and are precursors forExpand
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Digestibility of protein and amino acids in selected foods as determined by a rat balance method
Values (%) for true digestibility of crude protein and individual amino acids in 20 selected foods were determined by the rat balance (fecal) method. The products were fed as the sole source ofExpand
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The concentrations of free amino acids in plasma and whole blood of growing pigs were examined following an overnight fast and at 2 and 5 h after eating either a semipurified diet containing caseinExpand
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Amino acid rating method for evaluating protein adequacy of infant formulas.
Amino acid profiles and/or protein digestibility (by the rat balance method) were determined for various forms (powder, ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, etc.) of cow's milk- and soy-based infantExpand
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The protein quality of some enteral products is inferior to that of casein as assessed by rat growth methods and digestibility-corrected amino acid scores.
Protein digestibility and quality of six enteral nutrition products sold in Canada were studied by rat balance and growth methods. Casein+L-methionine, 0.2 g/100 g diet (control) and six enteralExpand
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Levels of folate, pyridoxine, niacin and riboflavin in traditional foods of Canadian Arctic Indigenous Peoples
Traditional food resources of indigenous peoples provide a wealth of information on use of unique food species, and their harvest and preparation. In conjunction with a larger study associated withExpand
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