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Inhibition of MMP-2 secretion from brain tumor cells suggests chemopreventive properties of a furanocoumarin glycoside and of chalcones isolated from the twigs of Dorstenia turbinata.
A furanocoumarin glycoside new named turbinatocoumarin (1) was isolated from the twigs of Dorstenia turbinata. The structure of turbinatocoumarin (1) was assigned asExpand
Carbohydrate triazoles and isoxazoles as inhibitors of galectins-1 and -3.
Galactosides and lactosides bearing triazoles or isoxazoles, regiospecifically prepared by [1,3]-dipolar cycloadditions between alkynes, azides or nitrile oxides, provided specific galectin-1 and -3Expand
Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-2 secretion by chalcones from the twigs of Dorstenia barteri Bureau
Chalcones and their analogs were extracted from the twigs of Dorstenia barteri and investigated for their capacity to inhibit matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 secretion from brain tumor- derived U87Expand
Hemisynthesis and spectroscopic characterization of three glycosylated 4-hydroxylonchocarpins from Dorstenia barteri Bureau
The hemisynthesis of β-galactopyranosides 2, 3 and β-D-glucosaminide 4 from readily available and natural starting material, 4-hydroxylonchocarpin (1), has been achieved. 4Hydroxylonchocarpin (1) isExpand
Synthesis of stable and selective inhibitors of human galectins-1 and -3.
The syntheses of glycolytically stable galactosides and lactosides have been made toward the selective inhibition of human galectins-1 and -3. Transition metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions wereExpand
Catalytic synthesis of novel 4-C-glycosyl coumarins using a domino Heck reaction/lactonization process
Abstract A catalytic synthesis of novel 4-linked C -glycosyl coumarins was achieved using a domino Heck reaction/lactonization process. Methyl 3-glycosyl cinnamates were prepared from methylExpand
A chlorinated coumarinolignan from the African medicinal plant, Mondia whitei.
The unusual chlorinated coumarinolignan, 5-chloropropacin, along with several other known compounds have been isolated from the roots of Mondia whitei. The structure of the chlorinatedExpand
Hydrachine A, a novel alkaloid from the roots of Hydrangea chinensis.
A novel alkaloid, hydrachine A (3), has been isolated, along with 15 known compounds, from the roots of Hydrangea chinensis. The structure and stereochemistry of the new alkaloid 3 was determinedExpand
Antibacterial and antifungal activities of the crude extract and compounds from Dorstenia turbinata (Moraceae)
Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of the crude extract of the twigs of Dorstenia turbinata (DTT) as well as that of five of the nine compounds isolated fromExpand
Subtle stereochemical and electronic effects in iridium-catalyzed isomerization of C-allyl glycosides.
[reaction: see text] Stereoselective isomerization of C-allyl glycosides into (E)-C-vinyl glycosides or (Z)-exo-glycals was carried out in the presence of the cationic iridium(I) catalystExpand