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Molecular and genetic analyses of Tic20 homologues in Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplasts.
The Tic20 protein was identified in pea (Pisum sativum) as a component of the chloroplast protein import apparatus. In Arabidopsis, there are four Tic20 homologues, termed atTic20-I, atTic20-IV,Expand
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Analysis of Transposon Insertion Mutants Highlights the Diversity of Mechanisms Underlying Male Progamic Development in Arabidopsis
To identify genes with essential roles in male gametophytic development, including postpollination (progamic) events, we have undertaken a genetic screen based on segregation ratio distortion of aExpand
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Growth and Polysaccharide Production by Methylocystis parvus OBBP on Methanol.
Methylocystis parvus OBBP, an obligate methylotroph originally isolated as a methane-utilizing bacterium, was cultivated on methanol as a sole source of carbon. After adaptation to high methanolExpand
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Epidemiology of β‐thalassaemia in Western India: mapping the frequencies and mutations in sub‐regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat
Although the average frequency of β‐thalassaemia carriers in India is 3–4% and the prevalent mutations have been studied, no micromapping has been done. This is the first attempt to provide anExpand
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Tour de paclitaxel: biocatalysis for semisynthesis.
  • R. Patel
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of microbiology
  • 1998
In collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb has developed paclitaxel for treatment of various cancers; it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for theExpand
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Synthesis of chiral pharmaceutical intermediates by biocatalysis
Chiral intermediates were prepared by biocatalytic processes for the chemical synthesis of four pharmaceutical drug candidates. These include: (i) the microbial reduction of 3,5-dioxo-6-(benzyloxy)Expand
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NAD-linked formate dehydrogenase from methanol-grown Pichia pastoris NRRL-Y-7556.
Abstract An NAD-linked formate dehydrogenase (EC from methanol-grown Pichia pastoris NRRL Y-7556 has been purified. The purification procedure involved ammonium sulfate fractionation,Expand
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Nucleotide binding and dimerization at the chloroplast pre-protein import receptor, atToc33, are not essential in vivo but do increase import efficiency.
The atToc33 protein is one of several pre-protein import receptors in the outer envelope of Arabidopsis chloroplasts. It is a GTPase with motifs characteristic of such proteins, and its loss in theExpand
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Enzymatic synthesis of chiral intermediates for Omapatrilat, an antihypertensive drug.
  • R. Patel
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biomolecular engineering
  • 1 June 2001
Biocatalytic processes were used to prepare chiral intermediates required for the synthesis of Omapatrilat 1 by three different routes. The synthesis and enzymatic conversion ofExpand
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Epoxidation of short-chain alkenes by resting-cell suspensions of propane-grown bacteria.
Sixteen new cultures of propane-utilizing bacteria were isolated from lake water from Warinanco Park, Linden, N.J. and from lake and soil samples from Bayway Refinery, Linden, N.J. In addition, 19Expand
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