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Computers and iphones and mobile phones, oh my!: a logs-based comparison of search users on different devices
We present a logs-based comparison of search patterns across three platforms: computers, iPhones and conventional mobile phones. Our goal is to understand how mobile search users differ fromExpand
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Beyond position bias: examining result attractiveness as a source of presentation bias in clickthrough data
Leveraging clickthrough data has become a popular approach for evaluating and optimizing information retrieval systems. Although data is plentiful, one must take care when interpreting clicks, sinceExpand
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Students ‘ Attendance Monitoring System in Classroom Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology : A Proposed System Framework
Today students’ (class) attendance is become more important part for any organizations/institutions. Recording and monitoring of class attendance is an area of administration that can requireExpand
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A Mechanism for Prevention of Flooding based DDoS Attack
Flooding Attack threatens among all the flavors of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) causing deadliest impact in a network/Internet. As the ability of DDoS, it doesn’t need to have muchExpand
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Methods for detecting functional classifications in neuroimaging data
Data‐driven statistical methods are useful for examining the spatial organization of human brain function. Cluster analysis is one approach that aims to identify spatial classifications of temporalExpand
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Autoantibody prevalence and association in inflammatory bowel disease
Objective: To study the prevalence and correlation of the following antibodies with disease activity: antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA), anti-endothelial cell antibodies (AECA) andExpand
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Wavelet Image Interpolation (WII): A Wavelet-Based Approach to Enhancement of Digital Mammography Images
Cancer detection using mammography focuses, in part, on characteristics of tiny microcalcifications, including the number, size, and spatial arrangement of the microcalcifications, as well asExpand
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Reducing the distal profile of dual mobility liners can mitigate soft‐tissue impingement and liner entrapment without affecting mechanical performance
Soft‐tissue impingement with dual mobility liners can cause anterior hip pain and intra‐prosthetic dislocation. The hypothesis of this study was that reducing liner profile below the equatorExpand
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The impact of result abstracts on task completion time.
This paper examines the impact of web search result abstracts on task completion time. The dataset we analyze comes from a controlled study in which paid participants carry out assigned tasks using aExpand
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Cadaver-Specific Models for Finite-Element Analysis of Iliopsoas Impingement in Dual-Mobility Hip Implants.
BACKGROUND Joint dislocation is a major cause of failure in total hip arthroplasty. Dual-mobility implants provide a femoral head diameter that can match the native hip size for greater stabilityExpand
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