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Chicken immunoglobulin gamma‐heavy chains: limited VH gene repertoire, combinatorial diversification by D gene segments and evolution of the heavy chain locus.
cDNA clones encoding the variable and constant regions of chicken immunoglobulin (Ig) gamma‐chains were obtained from spleen cDNA libraries. Southern blots of kidney DNA show that the variable regionExpand
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Cryptic out-of-frame translational initiation of TBCE rescues tubulin formation in compound heterozygous HRD
Microtubules are indispensable dynamic structures that contribute to many essential biological functions. Assembly of the native α/β tubulin heterodimer, the subunit that polymerizes to formExpand
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Somatic diversification of chicken immunoglobulin light chains by point mutations.
The light-chain locus of chicken has 1 functional V lambda 1 gene, 1 J gene, and 25 pseudo-V lambda-genes (where V = variable and J = joining). A major problem is which somatic mechanisms expand thisExpand
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A microfluorometric assay for cholinesterases, suitable for multiple kinetic determinations of picomoles of released thiocholine.
A highly sensitive microfluorometric assay for cholinesterases has been developed. Enzymatic activity is measured by monitoring the thiocholine produced by specific hydrolysis of acetylthiocholine.Expand
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The PREPL A protein, a new member of the prolyl oligopeptidase family, lacking catalytic activity
Abstract.The PREPL (previously called KIAA0436) gene encodes a putative serine peptidase from the prolyl oligopeptidase family. A chromosomal deletion involving the PREPL gene leads to a severeExpand
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Human Calmodulin Methyltransferase: Expression, Activity on Calmodulin, and Hsp90 Dependence
Deletion of the first exon of calmodulin-lysine N-methyltransferase (CaM KMT, previously C2orf34) has been reported in two multigene deletion syndromes, but additional studies on the gene have notExpand
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Transcription map of Xq27: candidates for several X-linked diseases.
Human Xq27 contains candidate regions for several disorders, yet is predicted to be a gene-poor cytogenetic band. We have developed a transcription map for the entire cytogenetic band to facilitateExpand
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Analyses of chicken immunoglobulin light chain cDNA clones indicate a few germline V lambda genes and allotypes of the C lambda locus.
cDNA libraries of chicken spleen and Harder gland (a gland enriched with immunocytes) constructed in pBR322 were screened by differential hybridization and by mRNA hybrid‐selected translation. ElevenExpand
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