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A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
This book gives a clear exposition of quantum field theory at the graduate level and the contents could be covered in a two semester course or, with some effort, in a one semester course. The book is
String theory in curved space-time
Intrinsic and extrinsic geometric properties of string world sheets in a curved space-time background are explored. In our formulation, the only dynamical degrees of freedom of the string are its
Explicit solutions to the conifold equations with complex dimension n = 3, 4 in terms of complex coordinates (fields) are employed to construct the Ricci-flat Kahler metrics on these manifolds. The
A q-analogue of the supersymmetric oscillator and its q-superalgebra
A q-analogue of the supersymmetric oscillator is constructed out of q-boson and q-fermion creation and annihilation operators. For a fixed nB+nF=2n, (where nB and nF are q-boson and q-fermion
The one-loop effective energy density of a pure SU(2) Yang–Mills theory in the Savvidy background is reconsidered. The stable and the unstable modes are identified. The stable modes are treated in
A diagonal representation of the quantum density matrix using q-boson oscillator coherent states
Abstract A q-analogue of Sudarshan's diagonal representation of the quantum mechanical density matrix is obtained using q-boson coherent states. Earlier result of Mehta and Sudarshan on the self
Supersymmetry in Thermo Field Dynamics
By considering the enlarged thermal system including the heat bath, it is shown that this system has supersymmetry which is not broken at finite temperature. The super algebra is constructed and the
A Conformal Field Theory of Extrinsic Geometry of 2-d Surfaces
Abstract In the description of the extrinsic geometry of the string world sheet regarded as a conformal immersion of a 2-d surface in R3 it was previously shown that, restricting to surfaces with h √
Geometric properties of QCD string from Willmore functional
Abstract The extremum of the Willmore-like functional for m -dimensional Riemannian manifold immersed in d -dimensional Riemannian manifold under normal variations is studied and various cases of
Generalized q-fermion oscillators and q-coherent states
The algebra of q-fermion operators, developed earlier by two of the present authors is re-examined. It is shown that these operators represent particles that are distinct from usual spacetime