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A Three-Dimensional Model of the Myoglobin Molecule Obtained by X-Ray Analysis
Myoglobin is a typical globular protein, and is found in many animal cells. Like hæmoglobin, it combines reversibly with molecular oxygen; but whereas the role of hæmoglobin is to transport oxygen inExpand
The crystal structure of myoglobin III. Sperm-whale myoglobin
Myoglobin of Physeter catodon (sperm whale) forms monoclinic crystals with space group P21 (type A) in ammonium sulphate, and orthorhombic crystals with space group P21 21 21 (type B) in phosphate.Expand
The Species Specificity of Myoglobin
Studies on myosin. II. Some molecular-kinetic data.
Pharmacokinetics of naloxone and naltrexone in the dog.
The serum kinetics of 5 mg/kg of i. v. naloxone or naltrexone were studied in each of two groups of five dogs; serum samples were obtained from 2 min to 2 hr after injection. Serum concentrationsExpand
Abstract— An adenylate cyclase present in the caudate nucleus of rat brain, which is selectively stimulated by low concentrations of dopamine, and which is believed to mediate dopaminergic synapticExpand
Studies on myosin. I. Preparation and criteria of purity.
Proton Relaxation Rates of Water in Brain and Brain Tumors
The distribution of relaxation rates of water in "normal" (autopsy) samples of canine and human brain shows considerable overlap with that for brain tumor samples. The following ranges of values forExpand
Imidazole Complexes of Myoglobin and the Position of the Hæm Group
WE have prepared complexes of imidazole, 1-methyl imidazole and 4-methyl imidazole with various species of myoglobin, and crystallized them in forms previously described1; the X-ray diffractionExpand
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies in normal and edematous brain tissue
SummaryThe nmr relaxation rate results show unequivocally that there are at least two fractions of tissue water in both normal and edematous white matter which do not exchange on an nmr time scaleExpand