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An assessment of coral reefs in Tobago
Abstract. The coral reefs of Tobago represent some of the southernmost reefs in the Caribbean and have developed under the influence of runoff (e.g. terrestrial sediment and nutrients) from SouthExpand
Poetry and Culture in Middle Kingdom Egypt: A Dark Side to Perfection
I: Approaches - The Study of Middle Kingdom 'Literature' - General Considerations: Definitions, Genre, Interpretation - II: Context and Intertext - Texts and Intertext - The Social Context -Expand
The tale of the eloquent peasant
‘Homosexual’ Desire and Middle Kingdom Literature *
Sexual activity is a constant feature of human society, but sexuality has to be studied as a distinct cultural construct. It is articulated in texts and other cultural artefacts. Extant references toExpand
The Tale of Sinuhe and other ancient Egyptian poems, 1940-1640 BC
The Middle Kingdom (c.1940-1640 BC) was the golden age of Egyptian fictional literature. "The Tale of Sinuhe", acclaimed as the masterpiece of Egyptian poetry, tells of a courtier's adventures afterExpand
The Painted Tomb Chapel of Nebamun
Preface 1 A Modern View of Ancient Paintings Introduction Discovery The paintings in the British Museum 2 In a Tomb Chapel Theban tomb-chapels Where and when at Thebes? Nebamun at Thebes AncientExpand
Cost Analysis of Minor Ailments in Rural Swaziland
gramme may even have a high benefit-cost ratio. But less measurable and more important are other benefits to the individual and to his satisfaction with his work. Economists point out that if workerExpand