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The Art of Sidney's Heroic Impresas
  • R. Parker
  • Art
  • English Literary Renaissance
  • 1 September 1990
ost scholars believe Sidney would have called his revised or New Arcadia “an absolute heroicall poem.”’ O f course not everyone agrees. Stephen Greenblatt has suggested that Sidney did not have aExpand
Hypersonic Stability Derivative Modeling Issues
Unsteady aerodynamic modeling is important for hypersonic vehicles when predicting stability derivatives. Specifically the unsteady viscous boundary layer needs to be considered and has a directExpand
Selecting the Optimum Army Stock Fund Structure
Abstract : The Department of Defense (DoD) Stock funds are working capital (revolving) funds used to finance the stock levels of most consumable and reparable items. These stock funds buy materielExpand
Terentian Structure and Sidney's Original Arcadia
  • R. Parker
  • Art
  • English Literary Renaissance
  • 1 December 1972
ID NE Y ’ S original Arcudiu is a heroic poem.‘ If he ever asked himself what kind of work he was producing with such obvious s care-and it is hard to believe a question so basic to any RenaissanceExpand
A Real-Time distributed computer network experiment for BMD terminal defense
We will explore and demonstrate kinetic and directed energy kill mechanisms for potential sea-, ground-, air-, and space-based operations to engage threat missiles in the boost, midcourse and terminal phases of flight. Expand
The Next Step for Special Operations: Getting the Resources to Do the Job
Abstract : Recommendations are made to give the reorganized Special Operations community sufficient control over its resources to meet its responsibilities. Recent legislation mandating a newExpand