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Modeling three-dimensional discontinuities in waveguides using nonorthogonal FDTD algorithm
A generalization of the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm adapted to nonorthogonal computational grids is presented and applied to the investigation of three-dimensional discontinuityExpand
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A SiGe-based Ku-band digital beamforming array for high speed on-the-move comm/radar system
A digital beamforming (DBF) prototype that uses compact and low cost Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna (BAVA) array and SiGe based-receiver is presented. An example is given for a Ku-band DBF systemExpand
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Generateur de predistorsion adaptatif
Cette invention presente un appareil (200) et un procede (500) permettant de produire un signal d'erreur numerique dans la bande de base dans un generateur de predistorsion adaptatif. Un circuitExpand
A baseband envelope tracking power converter
An arrangement is described in which baseband signals are up-converted to rf and amplified for transmission and in which an envelope tracking power converter supplies power to the amplifier, the envelope controlling signal being derived from the base band signals. Expand