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Identification of nonlinear dynamic systems using functional link artificial neural networks
An alternate ANN structure called functional link ANN (FLANN) for nonlinear dynamic system identification using the popular backpropagation algorithm and performs as good as and in some cases even better than the MLP structure for the problem of nonlinear system identification. Expand
Nonlinear channel equalization for QAM signal constellation using artificial neural networks
Application of artificial neural networks (ANN's) to adaptive channel equalization in a digital communication system with 4-QAM signal constellation is reported in this paper. A novel computationallyExpand
A functional link artificial neural network for adaptive channel equalization
From the simulation results, it is observed that the performance of the proposed FLANN based equalizer outperforms the other two in terms of bit-error rate (BER) and attainable MSB level over a wide range of eigenvalue spread, signal to noise ratio and channel nonlinearities. Expand
Tracking of bandpass signals using center-frequency adaptive filters
The tracking performance of two examples of these filters are analyzed for step, ramp, and sinusoidal variations of the input signal center frequency, and these are shown to track the signals very effectively. Expand
Recursive center-frequency adaptive filters for the enhancement of bandpass signals
  • R. Kumar, R. Pal
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Acoust. Speech Signal Process.
  • 1 June 1986
A new adaptive algorithm, namely, the recursive maximum-mean-squares (RMXMS) algorithm, is developed based on the gradient ascent technique for the implementation of these filters. Expand
Wavelet to DCT transcoding in transform domain
The proposed approach restricts all operations in the DCT domain that makes filtering involved in the synthesis process computationally efficient and could be used by the block DCT based services when the input is available as wavelet coefficients. Expand
A gradient algorithm for center-frequency adaptive recursive bandpass filters
A gradient ascending algorithm is proposed to update the center-frequency-dependent coefficients of the filter to maximize the performance function. Expand
Functional link artificial neural network-based adaptive channel equalization of nonlinear channels with QAM signal
  • J. Patra, R. Pal
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and…
  • 22 October 1995
It is shown that the proposed equalizer structure outperforms the other two ANN structures and the linear equalizer in terms of the convergence rate, MSE floor and EER over a wide range of EVR and SNR conditions for both linear and nonlinear channel models. Expand
Image compression using auto-associative neural network and embedded zero-tree coding
  • S. Patnaik, R. Pal
  • Mathematics
  • IEEE Third Workshop on Signal Processing Advances…
  • 20 March 2001
This paper presents an image compression method using auto-associative neural network and embedded zero-tree coding. The role of the neural network (NN) is to decompose the image stage by stage,Expand
Performance analysis of the recursive center-frequency adaptive bandpass filters
Abstract Recently, a new class of constrained adaptive filters namely the recursive center-frequency adaptive filters have been developed for the tracking and enhancement of bandpass signals. In thisExpand