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Cuckoo hashing
A simple dictionary with worst case constant lookup time, equaling the theoretical performance of the classic dynamic perfect hashing scheme of Dietzfelbinger et al, and is competitive with the best known dictionaries having an average case (but no nontrivial worst case) guarantee on lookup time. Expand
Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning
Motivated by the explosive growth in FL research, this paper discusses recent advances and presents an extensive collection of open problems and challenges. Expand
Fast and scalable polynomial kernels via explicit feature maps
A novel randomized tensor product technique, called Tensor Sketching, is proposed for approximating any polynomial kernel in O(n(d+D \log{D})) time, and achieves higher accuracy and often runs orders of magnitude faster than the state-of-the-art approach for large-scale real-world datasets. Expand
Colorful triangle counting and a MapReduce implementation
A new randomized algorithm for counting triangles in graphs that colors the vertices of G with N=1/p colors uniformly at random, counts monochromatic triangles, i.e., triangles whose vertices have the same color, and scales that count appropriately. Expand
Compressed matrix multiplication
  • R. Pagh
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ITCS '12
  • 5 August 2011
A simple algorithm that computes an approximation of the product of two real matrices, and uses error-correcting codes in a novel way to recover significant entries of <i>AB</i> in near-linear time. Expand
Space Efficient Hash Tables with Worst Case Constant Access Time
This is the first dictionary that has worst case constant access time and expected constant update time, works with (1 + ε)n space, and supports satellite information. Expand
Uniform Hashing in Constant Time and Optimal Space
  • A. Pagh, R. Pagh
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • SIAM J. Comput.
  • 31 March 2008
This paper presents an almost ideal solution to this problem: a hash function h: U: Uarrow V that, on any set of $n$ inputs, behaves like a truly random function with high probability, can be evaluated in constant time on a RAM and can be stored in $(1+\epsilon)n\log |V| + O(n+\log \log |U|)$ bits. Expand
An optimal Bloom filter replacement
A new RAM data structure is considered for storing an approximation of S to S such that S ⊆ S and any element not in S belongs to S with probability at most ∈, and the space usage is within a lower order term of the lower bound. Expand
Simple and Space-Efficient Minimal Perfect Hash Functions
New algorithms for construction and evaluation of PHFs of a given set for m = n and m = 1.23n are presented, with the following properties: Evaluation of a PHF requires constant time. Expand
The input/output complexity of triangle enumeration
The algorithm is cache-oblivious and also I/O optimal, and it is shown that any algorithm enumerating t distinct triangles must always use Ω(√MB) I/Os, and there are graphs for which t=Ω(E3/2). Expand