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Perceptual and physiological responses to the visual complexity of fractal patterns.
Results showing that fractal images generated by mathematical, natural and human processes possess a shared aesthetic quality based on visual complexity are discussed, showing a preference for fractals with mid-range fractal dimensions. Expand
Biophilic fractals and the visual journey of organic screen-savers.
Fractal aesthetics and Draves's remarkable images are discussed and the opportunity for readers of this journal to have some visual fun is raised. Expand
Human physiological benefits of viewing nature: EEG responses to exact and statistical fractal patterns.
Both types of fractals are considered and the results showed that the responses to statistical and exact fractals differ, and that the natural form of the fractal is important for inducing alpha responses, an indicator of a wakefully relaxed state and internalized attention. Expand
Fractal electronic devices: simulation and implementation.
A fractal analysis of both simulated and physical devices is performed to determine their spatial scaling properties and demonstrate their potential as fractal circuit elements, and simulating conduction through idealized and DLA fractal devices shows that their fractal scaling properties generate novel, nonlinear conduction properties in response to depletion by electrostatic gates. Expand
Seeing shapes in seemingly random spatial patterns: Fractal analysis of Rorschach inkblots
The relationship between the spatial scaling parameters of the inkblot patterns and the number of induced associations is analyzed, and it is suggested that the perceived images are induced by the fractal characteristics of the blot edges. Expand
Perceptual and Physiological Responses to the Visual Complexity of Pollock ’ s Dripped Fractal Patterns
R.P. Taylor, B. Spehar, J.A. Wise, C.W.G. Clifford, B.R. Newell and T.P. Martin Physics Department, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, email: rpt@darkwing.uoregon.edu School of Psychology, UniversityExpand
Measuring the scaling properties of temporal and spatial patterns : from the human eye to the foraging albatross
Historically, the temporal behavior of many natural processes has been pictured as a game of extremes – nature appeared to be either highly ordered or highly disordered. Take the beating of the humanExpand
Fractal Analysis: Revisiting Pollock's drip paintings (Reply)
Replying to: K. Jones-Smith & H. Mathur replyOur use of the term 'fractal' is consistent with that by the research community. In dismissing Pollock's fractals because of their limited magnificationExpand
Fractal Electrodes as a Generic Interface for Stimulating Neurons
This work presents simulations demonstrating how an interplay of fractal properties generates enhanced stimulation; the electrode voltage necessary to stimulate all neighboring neurons is over 50% less for fractal than Euclidean electrodes. Expand
Artistic forms and complexity.
We discuss the inter-relationship between various concepts of complexity by introducing a complexity 'triangle' featuring objective complexity, subjective complexity and social complexity. TheirExpand