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Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Stuttering: A Case Series
The present investigation was aimed at studying the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in reducing the symptoms of stuttering and dysfunctional cognitions and in enhancing assertiveness andExpand
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Cascade of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Correlational Study of Cognition, Postconcussion Symptoms, and Quality of Life
Introduction: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) constitutes a significant burden on health care resources in India. TBI is a dynamic process which involves damage to the brain thus leading to behaviorExpand
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Integrated cognitive retraining in agenesis of corpus callosum: a single case study
Individuals with Agenesis of corpus callosum (ACC) have deficits in areas of cognitive functions, social, emotional processing and communication. The aims of the study were to examine: (a) theExpand
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Silent Epidemic: The Effects of Neurofeedback on Quality-of-Life
Background: The complex interaction of human, vehicle and environmental factors along with a lack of sustainable preventive programs has contributed to the “silent epidemic” of traumatic brainExpand
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Neurofeedback training to enhance learning and memory in patient with traumatic brain injury: A single case study
Road traffic injuries are the leading cause (60%) of brain injury. It is estimated that India would occupy third position for Traumatic brain injury (TBI) by 2020. The most vulnerable group ofExpand
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Neurofeedback Training as an Intervention in a Silent Epidemic: An Indian Scenario
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a “silent epidemic” that creates a significant burden on health care resources across the globe. TBI is a dynamic process that involves damage to the brain, thusExpand
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Child's Play: Therapist's Narrative
Play has been recognized as an essential component to children's healthy development. Schools of play therapy differ philosophically and technically, but they all embrace the therapeutic andExpand
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Comprehensive Intervention of Functional Symptoms: A Case Report of Psychogenic Vomiting
Abstract‘Psychogenic vomiting’ occurs as a result of an emotional upset or of a more profound psychic disturbance with no organic pathology. An eighteen-year-old unmarried educated Indian girlExpand
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Neurohemodynamic correlates of antonym generation in bilinguals
Objectives: Bilingualism and multilingualism are the norms of the society. The study was undertaken to assess the neural systems of language in bilinguals by means of antonym generation in Tamil toExpand
2014 ASN Abstracts
1. Unraveling the Brain Resting State in the Contexts of Gender, Education and Profession Rose Dawn Bharath1, Rajanikant Panda1, Rajakumari P. Reddy2, Neeraj Upadhya1, Lija George1, ThamodharanExpand