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Effects of Selenium-Containing Compounds and Their Metabolism in Intact Rats and in Animals with Bone Fractures
Blood content of MDA in rats increased 1 and 2 weeks after mandibular bone fracture at stages of cellular fibrous and chondroid callus and decreased 4 weeks after fracture at the stage of primaryExpand
Effect of barbiturates on selective secretion of rat salivary glands after administration of anions
Secretion of labeled anions and their metabolites in the saliva of adult Wistar rats was studied. The salivary glands are characterized by high selectivity of secretion of materials. AfterExpand
Labeled Citrate Metabolism in Bone Fractures and Impaired Innervation
Changes in 14C incorporation into regenerate after bone fracture and impairment of mandibular innervation, and injection of [3-14C]cytrate corresponded to the stages of reparative osteogenesis: afterExpand
A New Method for Evaluation of Radioactive Label Transport Intensity in the Predominant Direction between Blood and Liver
The intensity of 75Se transport in the predominant direction after intraperitoneal injection of [75Se]selenate was compared in 1- and 3-month-old rats receiving common vivarium ration or sucroseExpand
Study of Labeled Carbonate Metabolism in Healthy Organisms during Reparative Osteogenesis and Denervation by the Bone/Plasma Index
We studied the effect of mandibular fracture and denervation on [14C]carbonate metabolism. A new index (bone/plasma relative radioactivity) reflecting the ratio between 14C incorporation into boneExpand
A method for evaluating the fluctuations in the intensity of substance transport between blood and bones in the predominant direction
The dynamics of fluctuations in the intensity of the blood-bone flow of substances in the predominant and opposite directions was evaluated using the percent radioactivity difference coefficient andExpand