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Information geometric foundations of quantum theory
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Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Quadrupole Collective Degrees of Freedom in 104Ru
Abstract The magnitudes and signs of twenty eight E2 and three M1 matrix elements involving 17 low-lying excited states in 104 Ru have been measured by Coulomb excitation using 208 Pb, 136 Xe and 58Expand
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Algebraic Quantum Theory A Brief Guide
We present the mathematical setting of an algebraic approach to quantum theory, including the Tomita–Takesaki theory, liouvilleans and quantum dynamical systems, and non-commutative integration up toExpand
2 Bayes – Laplace and Jeffrey ’ s rules as entropic projections
We prove that the standard quantum mechanical description of a quantum state change due to measurement, given by Lüders’ rules, is a special case of the constrained maximisation of a quantum relativeExpand
Hamiltonian Approach to Conformal Coupling Scalar Field in the General Relativity
The dynamic status of scalar fields is studied in the Hamiltonian approach to the General Relativity. We show that the conformal coupling of the scalar field violates the standard geometricalExpand
Local quantum geometric dynamics
The General Form of γ-Family of Quantum Relative Entropies
We use the Falcone–Takesaki non-commutative flow of weights and the resulting theory of non-commutative Lp spaces in order to define the family of relative entropy functionals that naturallyExpand