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Cecidonius pampeanus, gen. et sp. n.: an overlooked and rare, new gall-inducing micromoth associated with Schinus in southern Brazil (Lepidoptera, Cecidosidae)
Cecidonius pampeanus is a new genus and species of cecidosid moth from the Pampa biome, south Brazil and a phylogeny for Cecidosidae is inferred using sequences from mitochondrial and nuclear loci, and genetic variation and gene flow across ten populations are characterized.
Revalidation of Oliera Brèthes (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) based on a redescription of O. argentinana and DNA analysis of Neotropical cecidosids
The genus Oliera Brèthes, 1916, previously a junior synonym of Cecidoses Curtis, 1835, is revalidated, by comparing morphological characteristics within the family and through an analysis of mitochondrial (COI) DNA sequences, including putative members of the four Neotropical cecidosid genera.