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Explaining Disparities between Actual and Hypothetical Stated Values: Further Investigation Using Meta-Analysis
Spurred by the need to account for non-market values in various policy applications, a lively and extended debate has surrounded the presence and magnitude of hypothetical bias in stated valueExpand
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The Advent of Internet Surveys for Political Research: A Comparison of Telephone and Internet Samples
The Internet offers a number of advantages as a survey mode: low marginal cost per completed response, capabilities for providing respondents with large quantities of information, speed, andExpand
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A Meta-Analysis of Environmental Kuznets Curve Studies
An understanding of the empirical relationship between income and environmental quality is evolving through recent studies investigating the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC). The EKC represents anExpand
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Willingness to pay for safe drinking water: Evidence from Parral, Mexico.
A referendum-format contingent valuation (CV) survey is used to elicit household willingness to pay responses for safe and reliable drinking water in Parral, Mexico. Households currently adopt aExpand
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Information and effort in contingent valuation surveys: application to global climate change using national internet samples ☆
This contingent valuation study investigates the issues of information access and respondent effort, and is based on a series of national Internet samples. The focus is on a split-sample treatment,Expand
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Examining the Role of Social Isolation on Stated Preferences
Benefit-cost analysis remains the central paradigm used throughout the public sector. A necessary condition underlying efficient benefitcost analysis is an accurate estimate of the total value of theExpand
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Public support for reducing US reliance on fossil fuels: Investigating household willingness-to-pay for energy research and development
Abstract In order to reduce future dependence on foreign oil and emissions of CO2, how much would US households be willing to pay annually to support increased energy research and development (R&D)Expand
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Internal migration and the environmental Kuznets curve for US hazardous waste sites
Abstract In the recent special issue of Ecological Economics devoted to the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) hypothesis, Rothman speculates that: “what appear to be improvements in environmentalExpand
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Testing the inverted-U hypothesis for US hazardous waste: An application of the generalized gamma model
Abstract Using cross-sectional US county data, we demonstrate the inverted-U relationship between hazardous waste and per capita income. We use the generalized gamma model and two separate dependentExpand
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Testing the Validity of Contingent Behavior Trip Responses
While a number of validity tests exist for contingent valuation data, to date there are very few literature examples for contingent behavior (CB) data. The objective of this study is to test theExpand
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