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Reptilia, Squamata, Amphisbaenidae, Leposternon spp.: distribution extension, new state record, and geographic distribution map
The genus Leposternon Wagler, 1824 is represented by fossorial squamate reptiles characterized mainly by having head always dorsoventrally compressed, nostril with the opening on the ventral surfaceExpand
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Reappraisal of the taxonomic status of Amphisbaena prunicolor (Cope 1885) and Amphisbaena albocingulata Boettger 1885 (Amphisbaenia: Amphisbaenidae)
We revised the taxonomic status of Amphisbaena prunicolor and A. albocingulata, two taxa traditionally recognized assubspecies of A. prunicolor in the A. darwini complex. Despite some authorsExpand
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On Rhinella gildae Vaz-Silva, Maciel, Bastos Pombal 2015 (Anura: Bufonidae): Phylogenetic relationship, morphological variation, advertisement and release calls and geographic distribution.
Anurans in the Rhinella margaritifera group have a long history of taxonomic confusion, mainly by morphological similarity between species and lack of acoustic and genetic data for many of the 19Expand
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Weight-based combination therapy with peginterferon alpha-2b and ribavirin for naïve, relapser and non-responder patients with chronic hepatitis C.
Combination therapy with pegylated interferon and ribavirin is considered the new standard therapy for naïve patients with chronic hepatitis C. We evaluated the efficacy and safety of treatment withExpand
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Efecto de la actividad física sobre la masa ósea de personas mayores y su relación con la capacidad cognitiva
En las ultimas decadas se verifico un incremento exponencial de la poblacion de ancianos mundialmente. Se estima que en 2050 Europa tendra 2 millones de personas mayores de 60 anos. El incremento deExpand
Micro-CT Evaluat ion of Noni n s t
canals prepared with different enlargements using single-file reciprocating systems (Reciproc and WaveOne) and a conventional multi-file rotary (BioRaCe) system by microcomputed tomographic analysis.Expand
Programa educativo sobre o desenvolvimento infantil para mães sociais.
Este trabalho teve por objetivos desenvolver, aplicar e avaliar um programa educativo sobre o desenvolvimento infantil, de 0 a 2 anos, para maes sociais do bercario do orfanato. Participaram destaExpand
Notes on the diet of Limnomedusa macroglossa (Alsodidae, Anura) in Uruguay
1841) is a medium-sized species, males with 42–53mm snout-vent length (SVL) and females 42–62 mm, and present terrestrial or semi-fossorial habits, usually living along rocky outcrops and streambedsExpand