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Review of the technological approaches for grey water treatment and reuses.
Based on literature review, a non-potable urban grey water reuse standard is proposed and the treatment alternatives and reuse scheme for grey water reuses are evaluated according to grey waterExpand
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Indicators for the sustainability assessment of wastewater treatment systems
Abstract Sustainability challenges us to reflect on wastewater treatment differently. Instead of focussing on end-of-pipe-treatment for emission prevention, attention shifts towards optimal resourceExpand
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Anaerobic biodegradability and treatment of grey water in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor.
Feasibility of grey water treatment in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor operated at different hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 16, 10 and 6h and controlled temperature of 30 degreesExpand
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Options for alternative types of sewerage and treatment systems directed to improvement of the overall performance.
  • R. Otterpohl
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  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 1 February 2002
Technology for future houses may well include a high-tech water recycling unit that makes tapwater while people drink bottled water of high quality. There may be toilets that produce just a bag ofExpand
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Sustainable water and waste management in urban areas
Sewerage system and centralised aerobic wastewater treatment plants (WTP) should not be considered as the only possible solution for sanitation. Systems with source control can avoid many problems ofExpand
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Ryegrass uptake of carbamazepine and ibuprofen applied by urine fertilization.
Human urine is a potential alternative fertilizer for agriculture. However, its usage is associated with a risk of spreading pharmaceutical residues to fields. The individual and combined behavior ofExpand
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Grey water treatment in UASB reactor at ambient temperature.
In this paper, the feasibility of grey water treatment in a UASB reactor was investigated. The batch recirculation experiments showed that a maximum total-COD removal of 79% can be obtained inExpand
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Anaerobic digestion of blackwater from vacuum toilets and kitchen refuse in a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR).
The objective of this research was mesophilic anaerobic digestion of blackwater from vacuum toilets (BW) and kitchen refuse (KR) in a CSTR within an ecological sanitation system. A detailedExpand
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Terra Preta sanitation: re-discovered from an ancient Amazonian civilisation - integrating sanitation, bio-waste management and agriculture.
The recent discovery of the bio-waste and excreta treatment of a former civilisation in the Amazon reveals the possibility of a highly efficient and simple sanitation system. With the end productExpand
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Innovative technologies for decentralised water-, wastewater and biowaste management in urban and peri-urban areas.
Avoiding the comingling of water flows coming from different sources and thus obtaining flows with a very low dilution factor is the first and major step key to technical solutions for adequateExpand
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