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On the Reasons We Want Teachers of Good Disposition and Moral Character
The point of this article is to make a case for teachers of moral disposition without regard for the moral development of students. The article concludes that there are multiple reasons for wantingExpand
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Caring in a technology-mediated online high school context
The objective of this study was to describe how caring is experienced in the technology-mediated context of the Open High School in Utah, an online charter high school. Two female teachers, two maleExpand
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Teacher education, preservice teacher beliefs, and the moral work of teaching
Abstract This paper presents a case for attending to preservice teachers’ beliefs that are relevant to the moral work of teaching within teacher education research and practice, and examines what itExpand
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Modeling as moral education: Documenting, analyzing, and addressing a central belief of preservice teachers
Abstract This study reports belief survey data from 92 preservice teachers responding to questions about the moral work of teaching. Those data reveal that participants commonly express the beliefExpand
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The Moral Nature of Teacher Candidate Beliefs About the Purposes of Schooling and Their Reasons for Choosing Teaching as a Career
This study reports teacher candidate beliefs about the purposes of schooling and their reasons for choosing a career in teaching. The beliefs are analyzed in relation to the moral work of teaching,Expand
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Can Teachers Accurately Predict Student Performance
Abstract In two studies, we examined the effect of professional development to improve mathematics instruction on the accuracy of teachers' monitoring of student learning. Study 1 was conducted withExpand
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Making sense of approaches to moral education
This paper presents a metatheoretical analysis of ‘approaches’ to moral education and how we make sense of them. Such approaches are commonly analyzed with simple, binary category schemes, forExpand
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Developing caring relationships in schools: a review of the research on caring and nurturing pedagogies
Education has been criticized for a disproportionate focus on the technical aspects of teaching with less focus on its ‘human’ aspects. Consequently, many researchers and theorists have expressed aExpand
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Attending to Ethical and Moral Dispositions in Teacher Education
As the call for this special issue suggests, there is an “intertwining and ‘considerable diversity’ of dispositions, moral philosophy, character development, academic integrity, ethical professionalExpand
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