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Consumer experience tourism and brand bonding
This paper reviews the growing use of manufacturing plant tours, company museums, and company visitor centers as strategic tools available to strengthen the bond between consumers and brands.Expand
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An Empirical Investigation into the Validity of SERVQUAL in the Public Sector
INTRODUCTION Growth in the service sector is rapidly establishing this portion of the economy as the largest economic influence in the United States. This sector encompasses roughly two-thirds of theExpand
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An integrated view of project and quality management for project‐based organizations
Quality management (QM) has been the purview of operations management for repetitive processes, where project management (PM) is applied to temporary endeavors to create unique products or services.Expand
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Web-enabled wireless technology: an exploratory study of adoption and continued use intentions
In the context of web-enabled cell phones, we propose, test and compare the predictive ability of two value-based models using a multi-group analysis. Expand
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A violation of assumptions: Why TQM won't work in the ivory tower
Abstract This paper argues that the assumptions underlying Total Quality Management (TQM) suggest that implementation of TQM into the academic function of teaching in higher education isExpand
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Lotus-Eaters, Pilgrims, Seekers, and Accidental Tourists: How Different Travelers Consume the Sacred and the Profane
Travelers visit destinations that are associated with organized religion for a variety of reasons. Building on Cohen's (2003) work, we categorize visitors to “religious” travel destinations as: (1)Expand
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The Agency in Cyberspace: A Content Analysis of Ad Agency Homepages
The Internet is changing the nature of marketing communications. Through the Internet, buyers have "real-time" access to businesses across the world. Interestingly, in spite of a number of studiesExpand
Buy a Ticket and Win a Car
As Betty Lawley was driving to Gulfport High School, she was thinking about how fortunate she felt having been recently hired as a secretary to the school's principal. She and her husband had bothExpand
Do Interactive Online Role-Play Games Teach Economics?
ABSTRACTEntrepreneurial experience can bring many concepts in economics courses to life for students. However, few students who enroll in economics courses have had real-world entrepreneurialExpand