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Soil quality and organic carbon ratios in mountain agroecosystems of South-east Spain
Abstract Soil physical and chemical characteristics as well as climatic and geomorphological factors have been determined in 68 sites of a mountain calcimorphic ecosystem (Sierra Maria-Los VelezExpand
Biochemical properties of range and forest soils in Mediterranean mountain environments
Biochemical properties are at present considered to be the best indicators for assessing soil quality, but their use is limited by the lack of available data, at least for certain ecosystems. In anExpand
Surrogate descriptors of C-storage processes on crusted semiarid ecosystems
Arid and semiarid crusted ecosystems occupy a large extent of the Earth's surface. In these ecosystems there is a delicate balance between C sequestration and biodegradation that could easily beExpand
Immediate fire-induced changes in soil microbial community composition in an outdoor experimental controlled system.
In Mediterranean forest ecosystems, fire significantly alters soil bacterial composition depending on its severity, and the effect of fire on soil microbial communities was greater in the high severity burned monoliths than in the low severity burned ones. Expand
Assessment of biogeochemical trends in soil organic matter sequestration in Mediterranean calcimorphic mountain soils (Almería, Southern Spain)
Abstract Total soil organic matter levels and humic acid formation processes in mountain calcimorphic soils from Sierra Maria-Los Velez Natural Park (Almeria, Southern Spain) were found to differExpand
Determination of atmospheric parameters to estimate global radiation in areas of complex topography: Generation of global irradiation map
Incoming shortwave solar radiation is an important parameter in environmental applications. A detailed spatial and temporal analysis of global solar radiation on the earth surface is needed in manyExpand
Modifications of organic matter and enzymatic activities in response to change in soil use in semi-arid mountain ecosystems (southern Spain)
Soil organic matter composition and biochemical properties were determined in mountain calcimorphic Mediterranean soils under different vegetation (cultivated soils, secondary bush, high mountainExpand
Changes in the soil bacterial community along a pedogenic gradient
The study of bacterial communities of eight soils selected along a pedogenic gradient at the local scale in a Mediterranean calcareous mountain indicates that the composition of bacterial populations changes with pedogenesis, which could be considered a factor influencing the communities according to the environmental and physicochemical conditions during the soil formation. Expand
Biocrust cover and successional stages influence soil bacterial composition and diversity in semiarid ecosystems.
The role of biocrusts influencing these chemical soil parameters, including the presence of certain metabolites secreted by biocrUSTs, and also their effects on soil moisture and several physical soil features, as well as their association with different microclimates, all of which could favor a more selective environment for certain bacteria. Expand
Estimating the mass wetness of Spanish arid soils from lightness measurements
Abstract The colour of a soil changes with its water content. This paper investigates the ability of spectrophotometric colour measurement to predict soil mass wetness ( w ). We looked at the CIELABExpand