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Density of states on fractals : « fractons »
The density of states on a fractal is calculated taking into account the scaling properties of both the volume and the connectivity. We use a Green's function method developed elsewhere whichExpand
Linear antiferromagnetic chain with anisotropic coupling
The exact solution is given for a linear chain of $N$ atoms of spin \textonehalf{} coupled together by the anisotropic HamiltonianExpand
Excitation Dynamics in Random One-Dimensional Systems
In a number of recent publications, [1] – [5], we have discussed the asymptotic form of the dynamics of a general type of random one-dimensional chains. The equations we discuss are of the form Expand
Dynamical properties of fractal networks: Scaling, numerical simulations, and physical realizations
This article describes the advances that have been made over the past ten years on the problem of fracton excitations in fractal structures. The relevant systems to this subject are so numerous thatExpand
Dynamics of Fractal Networks
  • R. Orbach
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • 21 February 1986
It is suggested that amorphous or glassy materials may exhibit fractal properties at short length scales or, equivalently, at high energies, which can be used to test the fractal character of the vibrational excitations in these materials. Expand
Spin-lattice relaxation in rare-earth salts
  • R. Orbach
  • Chemistry
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 5 December 1961
A general approach to spin-lattice relaxation is given for salts to which a crystalline field theory is appropriate. In particular, the theory of Elliott & Stevens for the interaction of a rare-earthExpand
A change in magnetic field H quenches the barriers in a spin glass for heights less than an associated change in Zeeman energy, E_z. The shift of the peak of S(t)=-dM_{TRM}(t,t_w)/H/{d lnt} with HExpand
Energy Production: A Global Perspective
Abstract Canada has the world's third largest oil reserves, with 97% of these (170 Bb, billion barrels) in the oil sands. Of these, 20% are recoverable with mining, while most (80%) are recoverableExpand
Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Cerium Magnesium Nitrate at Liquid Helium Temperature: A New Process
The spin-lattice relaxation time of Ce3+ in cerium magnesium nitrate has been measured as a function of temperature and of magnetic fields up to 1000 gauss. In the temperature range between 3° andExpand
Full aging in spin glasses.
By employing a series of cooling protocols, it is demonstrated that the rate at which the sample is cooled to the measuring temperature plays a major role in the determination of scaling and almost perfect t/t(w) scaling is found, i.e., full aging. Expand