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Intrinsic Efficacy of Antipsychotics at Human D2, D3, and D4 Dopamine Receptors: Identification of the Clozapine Metabolite N-Desmethylclozapine as a D2/D3 Partial Agonist
Drugs that antagonize D2-like receptors are effective antipsychotics, but the debilitating movement disorder side effects associated with these drugs cannot be dissociated from dopamine receptorExpand
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Survival, stress resistance, and alterations in protein expression in the marine vibrio sp. strain S14 during starvation for different individual nutrients.
The response of the marine Vibrio sp. strain S14 to starvation for carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus and to simultaneous depletion of all these nutrients (multiple-nutrient starvation) was examinedExpand
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The 24-h whole body leucine and urea kinetics at normal and high protein intakes with exercise in healthy adults.
In healthy adult men adapted to a diet/exercise regimen for 6 days, the effects of small, frequent meals supplying daily protein intakes of 1 ( n = 8) or 2.5 g ⋅ kg-1 ⋅ day-1( n = 6) on leucineExpand
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AC-186, a selective nonsteroidal estrogen receptor β agonist, shows gender specific neuroprotection in a Parkinson's disease rat model.
Drugs that selectively activate estrogen receptor β (ERβ) are potentially safer than the nonselective estrogens currently used in hormonal replacement treatments that activate both ERβ and ERα. TheExpand
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Neuropeptide FF Receptors Have Opposing Modulatory Effects on Nociception
The role of neuropeptide FF (NPFF) and its analogs in pain modulation is ambiguous. Although NPFF was first characterized as an antiopioid peptide, both antinociceptive and pronociceptive effectsExpand
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Low dose bexarotene treatment rescues dopamine neurons and restores behavioral function in models of Parkinson's disease.
Nurr1 is a nuclear hormone receptor (NucHR) strongly implicated in the growth, maintenance, and survival of dopaminergic neurons. Nurr1 may be unable to bind ligands directly, but it formsExpand
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Characterization of Highly Efficacious Allosteric Agonists of the Human Calcium-Sensing Receptor
We discovered structurally novel human calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) allosteric agonists and compared their pharmacology to phenylalkylamine calcimimetics.Expand
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Samhällskunskap som ämnesförståelse och undervisningsämne : Prioriteringar och nyhetsanvändning hos fyra gymnasielärare
This thesis seeks to contribute knowledge to how professional teachers in social studies express their subject conception, and its relation to the subject manifested in teaching. The data consists ...
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Effects of physical exercise on phospholipid fatty acid composition in skeletal muscle.
The effects of low-intensity exercise on the fatty acid composition in skeletal muscle and in serum were studied in 19 sedentary, middle-aged Swedish men. During a 10-wk period, all subjects wereExpand
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Discovery of a potent, orally available, and isoform-selective retinoic acid beta2 receptor agonist.
4'-Octyl-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid (1g, AC-55649) was identified as a highly isoform-selective agonist at the human RARbeta2 receptor in a functional intact cell-based screening assay. The subsequentExpand
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