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Classification and Regression Trees
Background. Introduction to Tree Classification. Right Sized Trees and Honest Estimates. Splitting Rules. Strengthening and Interpreting. Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis. Mass Spectra Classification.Expand
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The development of mature gait.
The development of mature gait. D Sutherland;R Olshen;L Cooper;S Woo; The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery
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Tree-structured survival analysis.
In this note, tree-structured recursive partitioning schemes for classification, probability class estimation, and regression are adapted to cover censored survival analysis. The only assumptionsExpand
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The Pathomechanics of Gait in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Forty‐six separate gait studies were analysed for 21 ambulatory patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Three groups were defined on the basis of significant gait variables: early, transitionalExpand
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A computer-derived protocol to aid in the diagnosis of emergency room patients with acute chest pain.
To determine whether data available to physicians in the emergency room can accurately identify which patients with acute chest pain are having myocardial infarctions, we analyzed 482 patients at oneExpand
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A note on exchangeable sequences
Abstract : If (X sub 1),(X sub 2),... is an exchangeable sequence taking values in a complete, separable metric space, then there is a random variable M such that: (i) given M, (X sub 1),(X subExpand
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A genome scan for hypertension susceptibility loci in populations of Chinese and Japanese origins.
BACKGROUND Our understanding of genes that predispose to essential hypertension is poor. METHODS A genome-wide scan for linkage at approximately 10 cM resolution was done on 1425 sibpairs ofExpand
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Statistical Controversies in Census 2000
This paper is a discussion of Census 2000, focusing on planned use of sampling techniques for adjustment. Past experience with similar adjustment methods suggests that the design for Census 2000 isExpand
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms in protein tyrosine phosphatase 1beta (PTPN1) are associated with essential hypertension and obesity.
Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1beta (PTP-1beta) is involved in the regulation of several important physiological pathways. It regulates both insulin and leptin signaling, and interacts with theExpand
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