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Inactivating microorganisms using a pulsed electric field continuous treatment system
High-voltage pulsed electric fields (PEFs) can be used to inactivate microorganisms in liquids. Applying PEF technology to food pasteurization is a promising nonthermal method, which may radicallyExpand
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A comparison of exact and quasi-static methods for evaluating grounding systems at high frequencies
Recently, it has been suggested that traditional quasi-static methods for evaluating power network grounding systems are not valid at high frequencies. However, the conditions under which exact fullExpand
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Magnetic fields from electric power lines: theory and comparison to measurements
It is shown that currents and magnetic fields should be described statistically, because load currents fluctuate considerably during the day. The source currents include both the current in all powerExpand
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Electromagnetic wave propagation on a thin wire above earth
The electromagnetic properties of a current on a thin horizontal wire above a flat lossy earth is reviewed. Attention is given to the historical development of the topic, starting with the seminalExpand
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On the Exact, Carson and Image Theories for Wires at or Above the Earth's Interface
The relation between the exact theory and Carson's theory for the fields of straight wires above a homogeneous earth is derived. Sufficient conditions for the validity of Carson's equations areExpand
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Characteristics of low frequency electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity of electric power lines
The authors describe the quasi-static and radiation fields of simple three-dimensional sources and proceed to a two-dimensional source. It is shown that the quasi-static approximations result in anExpand
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Inaccuracies in numerical calculation of scattering near natural frequencies of penetrable objects
Calculated scattering from a nonconducting cylindrical ring shows great variability with small changes in the material or geometric parameters within certain ranges of these parameters. TheExpand
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A New Method for Real-Time Monitoring of High-Voltage Transmission Line Conductor Sag
The amount of power flowing through a high-voltage transmission line is proportional to its voltage and the current flowing through it. To increase power flow without modifying the line to allowExpand
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Application of a corona onset criterion to calculation of corona onset voltage of stranded conductors
  • K. Yamazaki, R. Olsen
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical…
  • 24 August 2004
The conditions under which corona first occurs for any set of electrodes are an important design consideration since corona can limit the performance of any given configuration of electricalExpand
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Influence of Mashed Potato Dielectric Properties and Circulating Water Electric Conductivity on Radio Frequency Heating at 27 MHz
Experiments and computer simulations were conducted to systematically investigate the influence of mashed potato dielectric properties and circulating water electric conductivity on electromagneticExpand
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