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Ocean Acidification, Consumers' Preferences, and Market Adaptation Strategies in the Mussel Aquaculture Industry
Ocean acidification (OA) is one of the largest emerging and significant environmental threats for the aquaculture industry, jeopardizing its role as an alternative for supporting food security.Expand
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Water demand in the Chilean manufacturing industry: Analysis of the economic value of water and demand elasticities
Abstract In this article, we estimate both the economic value of water and own-price and cross-price elasticities of water for the Chilean manufacturing industry using the production functionExpand
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Do immigrants increase crime? Spatial analysis in a middle-income country
Abstract The last decade has seen a significant global increase in immigration. This large growth has caused an increasing opposition to immigration in local populations in many parts of the world,Expand
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Exploring the adaptive capacity of the mussel mariculture industry in Chile
Abstract Societies have adapted to climate and environmental variability throughout history. However, projected climate change poses multiple risks to mariculture because of the increased frequencyExpand
Exploring dual discount rates for ecosystem services: Evidence from a marine protected area network
Abstract This paper presents a joint estimation of the willingness to pay for conservation activities aimed at preserving the flow of ecosystem services provided by a marine protected area networkExpand
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Firewood certification programs: Key attributes and policy implications
Abstract Evidence from south-central Chile shows that the concentration limits for PM10 and PM2.5, defined by both the World Health Organization and national standards, are systematically exceeded,Expand
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Ecotourism in the Bolivian Amazon: an attribute analysis
At global scale, the relevance of tourism as an economic activity has been increasing in recent years; while in Bolivia, the activity showed sustained growth during the period 2000-2007. Among theExpand