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Assessment of patient’s antihypertensive medication adherence level in non-comorbid hypertension in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria
This study revealed a high level of adherence among the study participants, and there was a significant association between adherence and age, marital status, tribe, state of origin, cost of antihypertensive medications, number of anti Hygiene medications, age/gender with P < 0.01.
The use of nephrotoxic drugs in patients with chronic kidney disease
Large proportions of patients with chronic kidney disease received nephrotoxic drugs, mainly diuretics, however, patients aged 60 years or older, and those at chronic kidneys disease stages 2–3 were significantly more likely to receive contraindicated neph rotoxic drugs compared to other age groups and Chronic kidney disease stages.
Antibiotics prescription pattern and determinants of utilization in the national health insurance scheme at a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria
There were poly-pharmacy, and non-adherence to generic antibiotic prescriptions in the National Health insurance Scheme, and Penicillins (amoxicillin/clavulanate) were the most commonly prescribed antibiotic class.
The prevalence of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder among internally displaced persons in Maiduguri, Nigeria
The high prevalence of depression and PTSD among the sampled population calls for structured interventions to deal with mental health problems in this population, and the need for more research (preferably qualitative) on the mental health issues in thispopulation is suggested.
Awareness and Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines among Pharmacy Students in Zambia: The Implications for Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy
There was significant vaccine Hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccines among Zambian pharmacy students despite their awareness about the vaccines, and these findings can help guide future interventions to address vaccine hesitancy.
Evaluation of potential drug–drug interactions among patients with chronic kidney disease in northeastern Nigeria
  • R. Okoro
  • Medicine
    African Journal of Nephrology
  • 18 December 2019
A high prevalence of potential drug–drug interactions was documented among Nigerian patients with CKD, and the bulk of the interactions were related to the co-prescription of ferrous sulphate and calcium carbonate.
Pharmaceutical care journey: Final-year pharmacy students’ experiences of the hospital-based clinical pharmacy clerkship programme in north- east Nigeria
Context: Pharmacy students need pracKcal clinical knowledge and skills to be able to provide effecKve pharmaceuKcal care aOer graduaKon. To achieve this, pharmacy students need an effecKve clinical