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Male-Female Wage Differentials in Urban Labor Markets
CULTURE, TRADITION, AND OVERT DISCRIMINATION tend to make restrictive the terms by which women may participate in the labor force. These influences combine to generate an unfavorable occupationalExpand
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On discrimination and the decomposition of wage differentials
Abstract In this paper we examine four alternative methods for estimating the extent of labor market discrimination. All of the methods involve the decomposition of gross (unadjusted) wageExpand
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Results on the bias and inconsistency of ordinary least squares for the linear probability model
This note formalizes bias and inconsistency results for ordinary least squares (OLS) on the linear probability model and provides sufficient conditions for unbiasedness and consistency to hold. TheExpand
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Another Look at Tests of Equality between Sets of Coefficients in Two Linear Regressions
Undoubtedly, anyone with at least an intro ductory course in econometrics has been exposed to the "Chow" test. As popularized by Johnston [4, pp. 136-138], the "Chow" test is a statistical means forExpand
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Wage Decompositions with Selectivity-Corrected Wage Equations: A Methodological Note
This paper examines the implications of the standard Heckman (Heckit) correction for selectivity bias in wage and earnings functions that are subsequently used in wage decompositions. Even whenExpand
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Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. A Life Sequence Analysis.
A Life Sequence Analysis At the outset we should emphasize that this article is organized in a somewhat atypical fashion; that is, we have merged the existing literature on this topic with our ownExpand
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Identification in Detailed Wage Decompositions
The standard wage decomposition methodology produces arbitrary results when attempting to estimate the separate contributions of sets of dummy variables to the unexplained portion of the wageExpand
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Estimating Labour Market Discrimination with Selectivity Corrected Wage Equations: Methodological Considerations and an Illustration from Israel
This paper presents a modified and improved methodology for the decomposition of wage differentials between two groups of workers into an endowment component and a discrimination component. TheExpand
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Swimming Upstream, Floating Downstream: Comparing Women's Relative Wage Progress in the United States and Denmark
Applying a new decomposition method to U.S. PSID and Danish Longitudinal Sample data, the authors compare how U.S. and Danish gender wage gaps developed between 1983 and 1995. In Denmark, they find,Expand
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