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Controlling Gladiolus botrytis bud rot with ozone gas
Treatment of gladiolus spikes with ozone gas appears to be safer and as effective in controlling Botrytis disease as fungicidal dips. The treatment is less expensive than dipping and the flowers areExpand
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Fungicidal Treatment of Gladiolus Corms After Harvest and Before Planting
The most promising corm fungicides, Dowi cide B, Morsodren, and Phaltan, that may be safely used after harvest in Fusarium disease control were compared as post-harvest and preplant dip treatments onExpand
Curing Gladiolus Corms in Relation to Flower and Corms Production
The rapid mechanization of gladiolus corm handling on flower farms and the need of quick curing motivated an experiment to compare five methods of curing corms. Four standard varie ties, 750 largeExpand