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Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Resilin
Resilin is an almost perfect elastic protein found in many insects. It can be stretched up to 300% of its resting length and is not affected by creep or stress relaxation. While much is known aboutExpand
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The Computerized Neuropsychological Evaluation of US Air Force Pilots: Clinical Procedures and Data-Based Decision.
Abstract : The neuropsychological assessment of US Air Force pilots presents several unique problems, given their relatively high cognitive functioning. The United States Air Force currently has aExpand
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Assessment of Psychological Factors in Aviators.
Abstract : Improving our understanding of the psychological makeup of male and female pilots is the objective of Assessment of Psychological Factors in Aviators. Of particular interest are theExpand
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Imaging devices with photovoltaic detector elements.
In‐vitro enhancement of cholesterol dissolution by commonly used drugs
A rotating disc apparatus was used to study the dissolution of cholesterol in sodium cholate solutions and ox bile. Drugs with structures that render them capable of lowering interfacial resistanceExpand
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Microwave sensors have been adapted to measure and create an image of the complex permittivity of lossy sheet materials non-destructively. The intended application is a portable probe which can mapExpand
Self-Reported Aviation Concerns of Male and Female U.S. Air Force and Army Rated Aircrew.
Abstract : An anonymous survey of all US Army and Air Force rated female aircrew and age/duty-matched men covered demographics; aircraft fit and safety; interpersonal relationships, waste disposal,Expand
Voltage clamping for a utility-scale PV array
Layout of the conductor material in the dc bus of a photovoltaic (PV) array to lower first cost and ohmic losses is reviewed. Six PV materials are characterized for their voltage swings from maximumExpand