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A review of climate-change adaptation strategies for wildlife management and biodiversity conservation.
The scientific literature contains numerous descriptions of observed and potential effects of global climate change on species and ecosystems. In response to anticipated effects of climate change,Expand
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Improving Food Webs
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Plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain.
The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. It is usually caused by a biomechanical imbalance resulting in tension along the plantar fascia. The diagnosis is typically based on theExpand
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Expansin Message Regulation in Parasitic Angiosperms: Marking Time in Development
Parasitic strategies are widely distributed across the angiosperms and are estimated to have evolved at least eight different times. Within the obligate hemiparasitic and holoparasitic members,Expand
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The ecosystem approach: science and information management issues, gaps and needs
Abstract Changing public expectations and increased public involvement have challenged traditional management policies and practices. And with these challenges, the need for scientific information asExpand
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Aggregate measures of ecosystem services: can we take the pulse of nature?
National scale aggregate indicators of ecosystem services are useful for stimulating and supporting a broad public discussion about trends in the provision of these services. There are importantExpand
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An Efficient Region of Interest Generation Technique for Far-Infrared Pedestrian Detection
A system that extracts regions of interest (ROI) from automotive thermal imagery as part of such an automated system, while placing emphasis on low processing requirements, a typical restriction of automotive embedded systems. Expand
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PROVIDING “BETTER” DATA Not as Simple as It Might Seem
Abstract The State of the Nation's Ecosystems project was created to provide a “just the facts” report on the status of U.S. ecosystems-intended to inform opinion leaders and policy makers in muchExpand
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