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Subchondral bone failure in an equine model of overload arthrosis.
Gross examination of metacarpo-/metatarsophalangeal (fetlock) joints from racehorses revealed defects on the condylar surface that ranged from cartilage fibrillation and erosion to focal cartilageExpand
The role of subchondral bone in joint disease: a review.
Subchondral bone plays a role in the pathogenesis of osteochondral damage and osteoarthritis in horses and humans. Osteochondral fragmentation and fracture, subchondral bone necrosis andExpand
Clinical effects of exercise on subchondral bone of carpal and metacarpophalangeal joints in horses.
OBJECTIVE To determine effects of treadmill exercise on subchondral bone of carpal and metacarpophalangeal joints of 2-year-old horses. ANIMALS 12 healthy 2-year-old horses. PROCEDURE Horses wereExpand
Early Increase in Osteoclast Number in Mice after Whole-Body Irradiation with 2 Gy X Rays
Abstract Willey, J. S., Lloyd, S. A. J., Robbins, M. E., Bourland, J. D., Smith-Sielicki, H., Bowman, L. C., Norrdin, R. W. and Bateman, T. A. Early Increase in Osteoclast Number in Mice afterExpand
Subchondral bone failure in overload arthrosis: a scanning electron microscopic study in horses.
Mechanical overload leads to a common arthrosis in the metacarpal condyle of the fetlock joint of racehorses. This is usually asymptomatic but severe forms can cause lameness. Subchondral boneExpand
Evaluation of intra-articularly administered sodium monoiodoacetate-induced chemical injury to articular cartilage of horses.
Three doses of sodium monoiodoacetate (MIA) were used to induce degenerative changes in articular cartilage in middle carpal joints of horses. Twelve young (2- to 5-year-old) horses, free ofExpand
The role of prostaglandins in bone in vivo.
Prostaglandins of the E series, primarily E2 and E1, have the greatest activity in bone. Following discovery of their potent ability to stimulate bone resorption in vitro, clinical investigationsExpand
Bacterial Meningoencephalitis and Ventriculitis Due to Migrating Plant Foreign Bodies in Three Dogs
Regional suppurative meningoencephalitis and ventriculitis of variable chronicity was diagnosed in three young dogs residing in Colorado. Grass awns were grossly identified in the right occipitalExpand
Hepatic Failure and Hemochromatosis of Salers and Salers-cross Cattle
Hemochromatosis is rare in domestic mammals. Five clinical cases and one preclinical case of hemochromatosis were diagnosed in Salers and Salers-cross cattle. Clinical disease developed between 9 andExpand
Pathology of the Vertebral Column of Horses with Cervical Static Stenosis
Specimens of ligamentum flavum, joint capsule, and dorsal lamina were collected at surgery or necropsy from 25 horses with cervical static stenosis. All horses had myelographic evidence of dorsalExpand