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Ultrasound Effects on the Mass Transfer Processes during Drying Kinetic of Olive Leaves (Olea Europea, var. Serrana)
The large amount of materials derived from olive trees pruning may constitute a source of compounds with antioxidant activity. The air drying of raw matter is a previous stage before extractionExpand
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Effects of encapsulating agents on anthocyanin retention in pomegranate powder obtained by the spray drying process
Abstract The present work evaluates the effect of different encapsulating agents (gum Arabic, modified starch Capsul™ and maltodextrin DE 5) on anthocyanin retention in microcapsules produced byExpand
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Aqueous extract of pomegranate peels (Punica granatum) encapsulated by spray drying.
Tannins, as punicalagin, represent the predominant class of bioactive substances from pomegranate, concentrating mostly in the peels and fruit mesocarp. The aim of this study was to select the wallExpand
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Odour-active compounds of banana passa identified by aroma extract dilution analysis
Banana (Musa cavendishii cv. nanica) (Musaceae) was dehydrated at 50 °C with forced ventilation to give banana passa. Banana passa volatiles were captured by static cryogenic headspace. The extractExpand
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Partition of Free Fatty Acids in Deacidification of Macaúba Pulp Oil by Liquid-Liquid Extraction Using Ethanol/Water as Solvent
Free fatty acids (FFA) is one of the most frequently determined quality indices in fats and oils industry because it has the economic impacts on production [1]. The FFA in macaúba pulp oil is usuallyExpand
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Characterization of jamelão (Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels) fruit peel powder for use as natural colorant
Introduction. Tropical fruit have a good commercial potential as natural colorants; however, they are underexploited. Anthocyanins from jamelao (Syzygium cumini ) fruit peel have been shown to be anExpand
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Feasibility study for development of candidate reference material for food analysis: Chloramphenicol in milk powder
Abstract Reliable analytical results are necessary to ensure effective consumer protection and the use of certified reference material (CRM) is an important tool for quality assurance. The BrazilianExpand
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Powdered yoghurt produced by spray drying and freeze drying: a review
Yoghurt is one of the dairy products most consumed worldwide but dehydrated yoghurt is still uncommon. Considered a nutritious food, yoghurt powder could be used as an ingredient or supplement inExpand
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Analytical standards production for the analysis of pomegranate anthocyanins by HPLC
Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is a fruit with a long medicinal history, especially due to its phenolic compounds content, such as the anthocyanins, which are reported as one of the most importantExpand
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