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Efficacy and tolerability of escitalopram in 12‐ and 24‐week treatment of social anxiety disorder: Randomised, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled, fixed‐dose study
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the pharmacological treatment of choice for the treatment of social anxiety disorder (SAD). The efficacy and tolerability of fixed doses of escitalopramExpand
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A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of citalopram with and without lithium in the treatment of therapy-resistant depressive patients: a clinical, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacogenetic
Sixty-nine depressive patients (DSM III criteria: 296.2, 296.3, 296.5, 300.4) were treated with 40 to 60 mg citalopram (CIT) daily for 4 weeks. Among them, 45 responded to treatment (improvement >Expand
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Effects of single doses of alcohol and caffeine on cigarette smoke puffing behavior
Puffing behavior (number of puffs, puff duration, puff volume, peak pressure, peak flow, peak latency, and puff interval) and pre- to postsmoking delta tidal CO difference were measured in femaleExpand
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Nicotine yield as determinant of smoke exposure indicators and puffing behavior
Relationships between machine smoking nicotine yield and different smoke exposure indicators were investigated in a cross-sectional study. For each of the four yield classes H (1.0-1.2 mg), MExpand
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Can smoking increase attention in rapid information processing during noise? Electrocortical, physiological and behavioral effects
This study investigated the effects of smoking on subject-paced visual rapid information processing performance (RIP) under the influence of disturbing noise. The RIP taks required the subjects toExpand
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Effects of different cigarette smoke yields on puffing and inhalation: Is the measurement of inhalation volumes relevant for smoke absorption?
Puffing patterns (number of puffs, puff volume, puff duration, puff interval, peak pressure, peak flow, peak latency), respiratory smoke inhalation (postpuff inspiratory latency, volume and time andExpand
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Smoke yield of cigarettes and puffing behavior in men and women
Puffing behavior (number of puffs, puff interval, puff duration, peak pressure, latency to peak pressure, average and total puff volume) was measured in 67 dependent male and 43 dependent femaleExpand
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Spontaneous maze ambulation and Hebb-Williams learning in Roman high-avoidance and Roman low-avoidance rats.
  • R. Nil, K. Baettig
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  • 1 December 1981
Several aspects of the maze performance of Roman High-Avoidance (RHA/Verh) and Roman Low-Avoidance (RLA/Verh) rats were compared, using a complex enclosed “exploratory” maze system and the 12 detourExpand
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Separate effects of cigarette smoke yield and smoke taste on smoking behavior
The purpose of this experiment was to compare independently the influence of different cigarette smoke taste categories and different machine standard smoke yield values on cigarette smoking behaviorExpand
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Effects of smoking deprivation on smoking behavior and heart rate response in high and low CO absorbing smokers
Short-term deprivation effects on smoking-induced heart rate response and smoking behavior were compared in consistently high and low CO absorbing smokers, suggested to depend differentially onExpand
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