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Measures of abstinence in clinical trials: issues and recommendations.
A workgroup formed by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco reviewed the literature on abstinence measures used in trials of smoking cessation interventions. We recommend that trialsExpand
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The measurement of drug craving.
This paper reviews theoretical and methodological issues in the measurement of drug craving, with an emphasis on self-report assessment. Despite the important role that craving plays in many researchExpand
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e-Cigarette awareness, use, and harm perceptions in US adults.
OBJECTIVES We estimated e-cigarette (electronic nicotine delivery system) awareness, use, and harm perceptions among US adults. METHODS We drew data from 2 surveys conducted in 2010: a nationalExpand
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Design and methods of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study
Background This paper describes the methods and conceptual framework for Wave 1 of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study data collection. The National Institutes of Health,Expand
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The efficacy of exercise as an aid for smoking cessation in women: a randomized controlled trial.
BACKGROUND Smoking prevalence rates among women are declining at a slower rate than among men. OBJECTIVE To determine if exercise, a healthful alternative to smoking, enhances the achievement andExpand
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Overview of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: A Systematic Review.
CONTEXT Rapid developments in e-cigarettes, or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), and the evolution of the overall tobacco product marketplace warrant frequent evaluation of the publishedExpand
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Smoking withdrawal dynamics in unaided quitters.
Considerable research shows that withdrawal severity is inconsistently related to smoking cessation outcomes. This may result from measurement problems or failure to scrutinize important dimensionsExpand
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Molecular genetics of successful smoking cessation: convergent genome-wide association study results.
CONTEXT Smoking remains a major public health problem. Twin studies indicate that the ability to quit smoking is substantially heritable, with genetics that overlap modestly with the genetics ofExpand
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Measuring nicotine dependence among youth: a review of available approaches and instruments.
This paper reviews issues and concepts related to the measurement of nicotine dependence among youth. The primary objectives of this review are to: (1) review the measures of nicotine dependenceExpand
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Behavioral economic analysis of withdrawal- and cue-elicited craving for tobacco: an initial investigation.
INTRODUCTION The role of craving in nicotine dependence remains controversial and may be a function of measurement challenges. The current study used behavioral economic approach to test theExpand
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