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The three-spectrometer facility at the Mainz microtron MAMI
Abstract A set-up of three high-resolution magnetic spectrometers, for simplicity named A, B and C, has been built as the central facility for the precise determination of double and tripleExpand
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Improved limits on the weak, neutral, hadronic axial vector coupling constants from quasielastic scattering of polarized electrons
Abstract In scattering polarized electrons (P1 = 44% by 9Be at an energy of 300 MeV at angles 115°⩽ϑ⩽145° a parity violating asymmetry of Acorr = (−3.5 ± 0.7 ± 0.2) × 10−6 was measured. AfterExpand
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Precise Neutron Magnetic Form Factors
Precise data on the neutron magnetic form factor Gmn have been obtained with measurements of the ratio of cross sections of D(e, en) and D(e, ep) up to momentum transfers of Q 2 = 0.9 (GeV/c) 2 .Expand
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Precise measurements of the neutron magnetic form factor 1 Work supported by the Schweizerische Nati
Abstract The neutron magnetic form factor Gmn has been determined via a measurement of the ratio of cross sections D(e,e′n) and D(e,e′p). The absolute detection efficiency of the neutron detector wasExpand
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The focal plane proton-polarimeter for the 3-spectrometer setup at MAMI
Abstract For ( e → , e ′ p → ) experiments the 3-spectrometer setup of the A1 collaboration at MAMI has been supplemented by a focal plane proton-polarimeter. To this end, a carbon analyzer ofExpand
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Investigation of short-range nucleon-nucleon correlations using the reaction 12C(e,e′pp) in close to 4π geometry
Abstract Two-proton correlations were studied in close to 4 π geometry using the reaction 12 C (e,e′pp) . The beam energy was 705 MeV, the energy transfer 225 MeV, and the three-momentum transfer 412Expand
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Final State Interaction Effects in pol 3He(pol e,e'p)
Asymmetries in quasi-elastic pol 3He(pol e,e'p) have been measured at a momentum transfer of 0.67 (GeV/c)^2 and are compared to a calculation which takes into account relativistic kinematics in theExpand
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Measurement of the beam-helicity asymmetry in the p((-->)e,e'p)pi(0) reaction at the energy of the Delta(1232) resonance.
In a p((-->)e,e'p)pi(0) out-of-plane coincidence experiment at the three-spectrometer setup of the Mainz Microtron MAMI, the beam-helicity asymmetry has been precisely measured around the energy ofExpand
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New detectors for the kaon and hypernuclear experiments with KaoS at MAMI and with PANDA at GSI
The KaoS spectrometer at the Mainz Microtron MAMI, Germany, is perceived as the ideal candidate for a dedicated spectrometer in kaon and hypernuclei electroproduction. KaoS will be equipped with newExpand
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